Jojoosito (mindcrime414) wrote in bearsofthehorde,

PvP vs NON PvP

Hey guys...

So I've been debating the pros/cons of PvP these past few days and I'm still thorougly convinced that a NON-PvP server is the answer.

I am currently only level 18 and have quests that lead me into Night Elf territory. I am running past Level 26s all the time. Last night as I was making my way back through the Barrens, there were 5 level 30 Humans chillin outside the Moonkit rock.

We can still do battle if we want tho.. we still have the /pvp option if we wanna round up a posse and take on some humans, etc. BUT, I'd really like the ability to work with the Alliance (like I did last night) if I so choose.

What do y'all think?
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