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WoW Guild

Long ago and far away a group of us met on Livejournal and decided we wanted to join a gay guild in WoW. We found out about Ambiguous Mafia on Frostwolf and joined it when retail came out. We got to level 60 and the guild never had any interest in end game content so we moved on via different channels and ultimately ended up in a casual raid guild that completed Molten Core and Blackwing Lair.

Once Ahn'Qiraj came out there was a serious decline in member participation. The guild has lost so many members that there is no way they can even do Molten Core now let alone Blackwing Lair.

The 6 of us who all started together in retail started over on Cenarius and this is why I'm posting. We have looked for the perfect guild and just can't find it. It's near impossible to find a guild that wants to participate in end game instances that doesn't use foul language. I've looked at the other gay and gay friendly guilds and they are as casual as they come.

I'm not proposing we become a hardcore guild but we would like to be a guild that can do AQ20/ZG and then hopefully Molten Core again. We aren't looking for hardcore members that want to raid 5 days a week. We want responsible members who can commit to a raid once a week or so that have the interest in learning the instance as well as playing in it.

Server transfers are in the not so distant future so we are also hoping we can get something established before then. It would be a pipe dream to get a nice smaller guild that wants to do the 20 man raids once a week and then get some server transfer to build up to a 40 man guild.

Also the cross server battle grounds will be coming hopefully in time that once we are purpled up a little we can start participating there as well.

If you have any interest in starting an alliance alt or a main on PVE-Cenarius and want to be in a guild that respects everyone's differences and won't force specs on anyone... then Five by Five is the place for you!

I set up some silly temporary forums at that talks a little bit about where we got the name. You can also message any of us in game. I'm Yoolkabob.

Hopefully we'll see some of you around.
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